A Prophecy for the Aquarian Age

No one will be so bold as to deny that the seasons are caused by the apparent movement of the sun through the 12 signs of the zodiac. No one will dispute the statement that we habitually expect certain conditions when the sun is in some signs of
the zodiac that we do not have when it is in others. We do not expect, for instance, to harvest
wheat each month of the year, nor do we plant the same crops during all months. And, as all
must know, the months are merely the effect of the sun as it apparently passes through the
zodiacal signs.
When each spring the sun apparently crosses the celestial equator, the days become longer
than the nights. This is both the beginning of the astronomical year and the commencement
of the zodiac; and it is called the Vernal Equinox. From this point, wherever it may be among
the stars, the sun starts its annual pilgrimage. Each 30 degrees covered from this point marks
one zodiacal sign, and 360 degrees of apparent travel bring it back at the end of the year to
the vernal equinox again.

Cause of the Precessional Cycle

But due to the fact that the earth is flattened at the poles, giving it a bulge at the equator
which makes the gravitational pull of the sun and planets on the earth stronger there, and
that the inclination of this bulging equator of the earth to the plane of the ecliptic where the
gravitational pull is strongest is 23° 26' 50", the earth also undergoes a slow gyratory motion.
Just as a top which is spinning swiftly (to represent the daily rotation of the earth), if not
perpendicular to the surface on which it rests will slowly move its upper part in a small
circle, so performs the rotating earth. It may take the top but a single minute to make one
complete gyratory circle, but it takes the earth 25,868 years. This gyratory motion of the
earth, due to the gravitational pull on its leaning and bulging equator, causes the point where
the sun in spring crosses the celestial equator (which is the projection in the sky of the earth's
equator) slowly to move backward through the constellated stars.
This backward movement of the vernal equinox, by which the commencement of the astronomical year and the commencement of the zodiacal signs move through the circle of
constellated stars in 25,868 years, has nothing whatever to do with the movement of the sun
around some center. It relates to a movement of the earth which can be demonstrated in a
laboratory by means of a gyroscope, and commonly is called The Precession of the Equinoxes.
As the sun acts as the pointer indicating the influence of each sign of the zodiac on life
during the onetwelfth of the year it is in a sign, so the vernal equinox, or place of the sun at
the commencement of each year, acts as a pointer indicating the influence of each sign of the
zodiac on life during the onetwelfth of the Great Cycle the equinox is in a sign. The precessional cycle is as truly measured by the apparent position of the sun as is the common year; but it is measured from a fixed point among the stars, which the common year is not, and
each 30 degrees from the starting point instead of measuring the influence covering a month
of time, measures the influence of the zodiacal sign during onetwelfth of the precessional
year of 25,868 common years, or 2,156 common years. Each such period of 2,156 common
years during which the vernal equinox backs through one successive 30 degrees from the
stellar starting point is called an Age.

The Aquarian Age Commenced in 1881

It is disappointing that there is no undisputed record of the date when the first of Aries
among the constellations and the first of Aries among the zodiacal signs exactly coincided.
We cannot select the western boundary of the constellation Aries for this purpose, for no
one at this day knows precisely where that boundary is located among the stars, or even if
the picture on maps today is of the same size and outline as it was in olden times. Thus
there is no precise astronomical observation by which it can be determined when any of
the ages began.
The astronomers say that the vernal equinox right now is still well within the constellation Pisces. And they are quite correct in saying this. But the signs of the zodiac, whether
considered from the standpoint of the sun's annual cycle, or from the standpoint of the Great
Cycle of the equinox, are not of the same extent as the constellations. We do not limit the sign
Cancer to but 15 degrees along the ecliptic, nor do we give to the sign Virgo some 50 degrees
along the ecliptic, although the constellations bearing those names have about such extent.
Constellations merely picture the influence of the signs, and were not designed either to
denote the position nor the extent along the zodiac of the influence they thus explained.
To be consistent with all astrological doctrine, each sign must extend along the path of
the sun just 30 degrees. Wherever that point may be among the stars, 30 degrees back from
the star which marks the starting point of the Great Cycle is the end of Aquarius; just as 30
degrees back of where the sun crossed into Aries, regardless of stellar positions, this year or
any other year, marks the end of the sign Aquarius.
It is possible to cite the 1881 pyramidal inches in the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid, that 1881 gives the double 9, or 18, by which the ancients designated the larger cycles,
various prophecies, and other indications that the Aquarian Age really commenced in the
year 1881.
When in natal astrology, however, we have a birthchart which has not been precisely
timed, we resort to comparing the events which have happened in the life with the positions
found in the chart, and with the progressed aspects. Therefore, as there is no certain starting
point among the stars, or any other astronomical data to ascertain the commencement of the
Aquarian Age, it seems better to observe when events which clearly are not of the Pisces
type began to be prevalent; for during the preceding 2,156 years the equinox pointer was
moving back from the first of constellated Aries through the sign Pisces.
It should not be necessary to point out that the world has now moved from a state in
which the emphasis was placed on Belief, which is the key word for Pisces, to one in which
it places chief reliance on Knowledge, which is the key word of Aquarius. Aquarius is a
scientific sign, and since 1881 science has made greater advances than during the whole
2,156 preceding Piscean years. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, governs invention, psychology, electricity and the study of the stars. It has only been since 1881 that the world has
adopted electricity as an important source of power, that electric lighting has made night
work almost as convenient as day work, that inventions have revolutionized industry, that
astronomy has extended its boundaries from our solar system to the measurement of stars
and other universes, and that psychology has come to be recognized as a subject that should
be taught in our schools.
People born under the sign Aquarius are progressive, humanitarian, keen students of
psychology, given to investigating psychical phenomena, and quickly take an interest in astrology. As a similar influence on a world scale should be expected when the equinox is in
Aquarius, we may be sure that it was not without significance that the New Thought movement, Christian Science, Mental Science, Theosophy and whatnot, had their birth not far
from 1881. The first organized effort by scientific men to investigate psychical phenomena,
for instance, was commenced with the founding in 1882 of the Society for Psychical Research, an effort which has continued with great success up to the present time. We may be
sure also that at no distant date the facts of astrology, the facts of extra sensory perception,
the facts of induced emotion and the facts of directed thinking will be taught in the public
schools. Labor organizations are ruled by Uranus, which governs the Aquarian sign, and
since 1881 these have gained in power, bringing improved living conditions among the poorer
classes. Within a century people will look back with horror on the time when any man willing to work was denied a livelihood.
Considering from the evidence, which each day is before all eyes, that we have emerged
from the water and now are in the air, through which presently all will travel, and over
which, figuratively speaking, we receive daily our radio programs, let us recognize that "I
Believe," which was sufficient for the Piscean Era must now gradually give way to the
Aquarian thirst for Knowledge. Pisces rules imprisonment, Aquarius governs friendship.
Both physical and mental fetters belong to the past, and in the near future not only will
man's mind be freed from bondage to sacerdotalism, but he no longer will be imprisoned for
crime; he will be scientifically treated for his moral maladies, not punished for them.
Pisces is a watery sign, and during its reign we conquered the ocean and made steam our
slave; but not until Aquarius gained the day did we vanquish the air and harness the electrical current. Not only is Aquarius an airy sign, but Uranus, its planet, rules electricity and
electromagnetic force. In the very near future the electromagnetic rays of the sun will be
utilized as cheap motive power. Aquarius also has special rule over astrology, and soon all
men will recognize that the rays from the various planets impinge upon their finer bodies
and constantly stimulate them to corresponding actions. Knowing this, it will be but a step
to learn how, through induced emotion and directed thinking, and taking advantage of the
vibratory radiations from objects, they may utilize, divert into selected channels, and give
the desired constructive trend to any given planetary influence. Thus will they come to accept The Religion of the Stars.
The Religion of the Stars not only embraces astrology, extrasensory perception, induced
emotion and directed thinking, but includes the use of extra sensory perception to communicate with those who have passed through death to the inner plane. Aquarius is pictured as
a man in the sky pouring water down upon the earth, where a fish drinks it joyfully. The
water symbolizes the wisdom which flows from the great minds of those who have passed
to the spirit plane of life, and which may be utilized to quench the thirst of our souls through
conscious mental communion.
To those who wish startling and conclusive evidence of the communion between the
discarnate and the incarnate, as observed by trained minds, there are in most public libraries
such books as Dawn of the Awakened Mind, by Dr. John King, founder and president of the
Canadian Society of Psychical Research, and the works of Sir Oliver Lodge, Camille
Flammarion, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rev. G. Vale Owen, Hill, Leaf, Watson, Stead and a
score of others. Better still, let the investigator develop Intellectual ESP until without negative mediumship or objectional phases of psychism, he can carry on such communication
himself. Yet as Uranus governs high frequency radiations and delicate apparatus, the Aquarian
Age will not advance far until someone will invent a purely mechanical gadget for such
between the planes communication, and it will become as common, and no more mysterious, than is the radio today.

We Are in the Libra Decanate of the Aquarian Age

Each zodiacal sign is divided into three decanates of ten degrees each. And just as the twelve zodiacal constellations each picture the influence and significance of one of the twelve zodiacal signs, so is each decanate of the zodiac pictured in its influence and significance by
one of the 36 ultrazodiacal constellations. Thus is the Libra decanate of Aquarius, into which
the equinox backed in 1881, explained in symbolical pictograph by Cetus, the WhaleMonster
in the sky.
Libra is the zodiacal sign of marriage, and the Libra decanate of each airy sign carries
with it some of this significance. While the equinox was in Pisces, woman was in bondage to
marital relations. But no sooner did the equinox move into the Libra decanate of Aquarius
than she began to struggle for equal rights with man. Libra, as astrologers well know, rules
equality, justice, partnership and marriage. Already under this new influence in world affairs, woman has in many regions gained privileges heretofore granted only to men. And all
in due time she will gain equal sufferage and equal economic rights, not merely in a few
countries, but throughout the world.
As Libra is the marriage sign, under this decanate influence man has been persuaded to
study the laws of sex, all too long neglected. The Whale Monster, which explains the decanate,
relates to persecution and repression, and in a wider sense to the destructive power of discord. In Greek mythology, Perseus, symbolizing the enlightened mind of man, slew this
symbol of discordant might and rescued fair Andromeda. Already we have the work of
Freud and other psychoanalysts, revealing the damage so often done by sex repression and
other submerged emotions. Gradually it is being recognized, as taught in Brotherhood of
Light courses V, Esoteric Psychology, and IX, Mental Alchemy, how these and other destructive
forces within the unconscious mind can be reconditioned so as to express, no longer discordantly, but through constructive channels, and thus rescue the individual from his previous
misfortune attracting bondage.
Also through better understanding of the law of sex, gradually will be eradicated the
greatest evil on the face of the earth today, loveless marriage. And in this understanding,
electromagnetic relations and mental trends as mapped by birthchart and progressed planets will play their part, and guide the endeavors which will free many souls from the necessity of functioning through unhealthy bodies. In mythology there is closely associated with
Cetus, as the symbol of discord, the old bondage of the Piscean Age. Andromeda, picturing
one of the decanates of Pisces, was chained to a rock because of the arrogant pride of her
mother, queen of dark Ethiopia. And it was chaotic Neptune, ruler of this sign of imprisonment who, when she was thus chained to the rock of atheistic materialism, sent the largest
and most ominous creature of the zodiac, Cetus, to devour her.
Aquarius is a scientific sign, and encourages the invention of mechanical contrivances,
some of which tend to prolong life and some of which are tremendously destructive. In our
seats of learning many of those who place reliance on the demonstrated knowledge ruled by
Aquarius, which has displaced the Piscean reliance on belief, have jumped to the conclusion
that the physical is the whole of life, and that the universe possesses no guiding intelligence.
These atheistic materialists, who occupy prominent positions in our universities and important sections of the press, are determined to impose their convictions on all the world. Scholastic dictators, in the arrogance and pride of their purely physical accomplishments, take
the part of Queen Cassiopeia and bind Andromeda–the collective soul of the human race–
to the rock of atheistic materialism. So determined are they that the public shall receive no
proof of life after death, of astrology, or of any superphysical power that, like Neptune in the
Greek story, that they resort to persecution when they find anyone opposing their chaotic
and wholly unwarranted views.
Yet this very atheistic materialism, to bind humanity to which the scholastic dictators
spend the best energies of their lives and resort to distortion of the truth and wholesale
suppression of facts, is that which attracts to mankind the monster which most threatens
humanity's destruction. Where this doctrine gains a foothold–the doctrine that there is no
power above the physical, and no life beyond the tomb–we find people easily led by those who, violating every sense of human decency, and quite devoid of reluctance to cause untold suffering, act on the belief that the spoils of the world belong to those who can marshal
the greatest force.
In the hands of these materialistic atheists, the science of the Aquarian Age is but a means
to acquire new and greater implements of destruction. The rock of materialism, representing the physical world to which scholastic dictators would bind the human race, is washed
by the waves of racial prejudice and jealous passions; and it cannot fail repeatedly to plunge
the world into increasingly horrible wars. And mankind can be rescued from this annihilating fate only by winged Perseus, the enlightened mind of a humanity which recognizes a
higher plane, as did the hero when he came from the air to slay huge Cetus, and which acts
as did he, from other than self interest and material motives.

The Seven Sections of the Aquarian Age

Another division of each precessional sign, not so generally known but well recognized by
the ancients, is of a septenary nature. It was stated in veiled form by Abbot Trithemius, was
mentioned later by Eliphas Levi, and was made plain by T. H. Burgoyne. By this method
each sign is divided into seven equal sections, each section being ruled by one of the seven
nakedeye planets in the regular planetary hour order of their succession. That is, the Sun
always rules the first section of an Age, then comes the Venus section, the Mercury section,
the Moon section, the Saturn section, the Jupiter section, and finally Mars ruling the last
section of the Age. As the equinox passes through Aquarius in 2,156 years, it takes 308 years
for it to move through one of these septenary divisions.
Now glance at the history of Greece during the Mars section of the Arian Age–that is,
from 583 B.C. to 257 B.C. Only one year after the commencement of this section of the Age
the Pythian (Mars) games were instituted at Delphi, and during the 308 years that followed
there was a constant succession of military achievements, including those of Alexander the
Great. It was not until five years before the ending of this era that the first meeting took place
between the Greek phalanx and the Roman legion. In the very year, 275 B.C., when the Mars
section gave way to the Sun section of the following Piscean Age, Pyrhus was beaten by the
Romans under Curius Dentatus at Beneventum; and from this victory dates the supremacy
of Rome in Italy, and the commencement of her power, which before the end of this Sun
section of the Piscean Age in 33 A.D. was to dominate the thenknown world.
The Mars section of the Piscean Age extended from 1573 to 1881. Passing over the wars,
we note that this was the period when machinery (ruled by Mars) came into use, and during
which iron ships, steam engines, and mechanical contrivances for greater destruction in
warfare were invented. In 275 B.C., when the equinox entered the Sun section of the Piscean
Age and the section of Mars ended, there was no cessation of war. The Sun recognizes no
equal; he must rule supreme. There was, therefore, an incessant struggle for world dominion on the part of Rome.
Starting about 1881 when the Sun section of the Aquarian Age started, we find Germany
determined to play the same role in this age that Rome played in the last one. She started
teaching her people that it was their destiny to rule the world, and 33 years later, in 1914, she
launched World War I in the effort thus to acquire world domination.
The material of this Chapter thus far given was published and copyrighted in Brotherhood of Light publication entitled, A Prophecy for the Aquarian Age, before the start of the
Pluto Period; and in view of subsequent events we will quote verbatum what was said in the
closing paragraphs of that article:
In that war Germany was defeated, but let us not blind ourselves to the disagreeable fact that over and over again, until world dominion by some single government or by some single type of government is accomplished, other aggressive
nations will seek to gain the power which so recently drenched the world with
blood. It will be tried in Europe. But the greatest danger lies in the nation which
flaunts the rising sun as the emblem on the flag her soldiers so willingly follow to
glory and to death. That nation is Japan.
Under this Sun section of the Aquarian Age, representative democracy and totalitarian forms of government cannot persist side by side. Sooner or later, and
after great strife, the whole world will adopt, or be forced to accept, a single
governmental standard. Aquarius is a democratic sign; but this is an imperialistic section of the Age, and the only hope for the world to escape complete servitude to an Oriental power dominated by Japan is through recognition of the
principle of equal opportunities and individual liberties which is characteristic
of Aquarius as a whole, and the cooperative upholding of that principle with
sufficient force, as did Perseus, to slay, when necessary, Cetus, the greedy and
mighty monster of armed aggression.
What that form of government will be which before many years will encompass
the whole world depends upon the intelligence, integrity and courage of our
representative democracies which, with all their present faults, exemplify the
finest quality of Aquarius. But of this we may be sure, one general form of government alone will encircle and be the dominant political force of the globe.
Now let us proceed to material not published in the original article; for at that time, while it
was recognized there must be ten orbs in a chain, and the general attributes of the tenth orb
were set forth in spiritual astrology, in mythology and in the tarot, it was not known when
the planet would be discovered.

The Pluto Period Arrives

From time to time, and making precise predictions as to world affairs more difficult, there
are new and unheralded astronomical phenomena. Hitherto unknown comets flash across
the solar system, new stars suddenly blaze into brilliance, and even new planets are discovered. When we go back in history we find that the discovery of a new planet has always, as
now, heralded worldwide changes.
Uranus, the planet of invention and independence, was discovered in 1781, and may
rightly be said to have ushered in the machine age, and the age of the republics, which now
so desperately need defending. The looms of England, under the new impetus, rapidly transformed her from an agricultural into an industrial nation. Engines of all kinds came into use,
one invention following another. Eventually electricity, even more closely allied with Uranus, added its power to this age of manufacture.
In 1782 the Peace of Versailles and Paris granted an independent existence to the United
States. This set a precedent to be followed by most of the countries of the New World. The
representative democratic form of government came to be a dominant factor in all the Western Hemisphere.
Then in 1846 Neptune was discovered, ushering in the age of oil and gas, which prepared the way for our present industrial system and our present means of locomotion. Automobiles can run on steam, although gas has proved better; but flying, ruled by Neptune, has
been made possible through the light weight engines developing tremendous power and
using gas.
Neptune also brought into the world a new religious conception, that of modern spiritualism. Before the Fox Sisters and their rappings in 1848, similar phenomena were recognized, but were deemed to be witchcraft and the works of the devil. Modern Spiritualism
had its birth on March 31, 1848, at Hydesville, N.Y., and gave to the world scientific proof
that the soul survives the dissolution of the body.
In 1848 there were revolutions in France, Germany, Italy and AustriaHungary. And gold
was discovered in California, which opened up an entire new section of the world. This age of oil also ushered in a new method of financing business, the method by which many individuals could pool their resources. Instead of individual enterprises and partnerships with
their limited ability to raise capital, corporations, composed of share holders, came to be the
dominant factor in the business and industrial world.
And now we come to the planet Pluto, discovered only a few months after the collapse of
the stock market in November 1929, and the commencement of the greatest financial depression the world has ever known. As data given in the newspapers often is not precise,
and as such data often becomes obscured through the passage of time, this matter was referred to Dr. Robert G. Aitken, Director Emeritus of Lick Observatory, for the sake of correct
recording. According to this authority, Pluto was discovered January 21, 1930, on photographic plates, was further checked (period of delivery), and then announced to the general
public on March 12, 1930 (date of its birth).
The Pluto Period of the Sun Section of the Libra Decanate of the Aquarian Age already
has brought outstanding developments and tremendous changes characteristic of this most
newly discovered planet. Pluto rules the inner plane and the inside of things, encourages
group activity, has two trends, one constructive and the other destructive, exerts an influence toward splitting groups into opposing factions, and is never milkandwater but favors
drastic action. The Upper-Pluto influence tends toward cooperation and spirituality. The
Lower-Pluto influence tends toward racketeering, coercion, dictatorship and the domination
of others through fear and force.
Within the United States, racketeering developed during the prohibition era, reaching
its peak the very year Pluto was discovered. In 1934 the GMen, meeting force and organization with still more effective force and cooperation, had the gangsters and kidnapers on
the run.
Then came a split in the labor movement, and one of the two factions contended for
national power. The C.I.O., by the first of 1937, was employing typical Lower-Pluto methods
against employers. The sitdown strike, in which employees took over and refused to leave
the property where they worked, reached its peak in January, 1937.

Pluto's Influence on Occult Knowledge

When the Brotherhood of Light lessons were written, a vast amount of observation and
experimentation had been done by outstanding scientific men relative to the various types
of psychical phenomena. And as much was even then known about electromagnetism,
these phenomena could be, and were, correctly explained in the lessons in terms of modern science.
The Society for Psychical Research was founded in 1882, at the commencement of the
Aquarian Age, for the express purpose of "making an organized and systematic attempt to
investigate the large group of phenomena designated by such terms as mesmeric, psychical,
and Spiritualistic." From time to time many of the most outstanding men in the scientific
world joined this group and assisted in collecting authentic instances of clairvoyance, prevision, telepathy, psychometry, levitation, etherealization, materialization and other types of
psychic phenomena, and in conducting experiments under the most exacting conditions to
determine whether these phenomena actually take place. Their published reports confirm
that they do take place.
But in spite of the tremendous volume of evidence set forth by these men of high scientific standing, other academic individuals wedded to materialism were able by ridicule and
propaganda to cause the public to ignore the proofs of psychic phenomena, and the books
containing the proofs, one after another, went out of print. They were never given the wide
circulation which the tremendous importance of their subject matter warranted.
Then in 1934, immediately after the publication of the last of the 210 Brotherhood of
Light lessons, Duke University published the first statistical (Pluto) work on extra sensory
perception. In the six years from 1934 to 1940, Duke University Laboratory reported 999,674 trials, and other university laboratories following similar methods reported 2,371,826 trials.
These do not include a total of 1,181,715 trials, with responses from at least 46,433 subjects,
made by the Zenith radio program in the winter of 1937–1938.
The safeguards against error, the methods of procedure, the statistical analysis, and practically everything relating to the conduct and statistical evaluation of these trials are set forth
in the book Extra Sensory Perception After Sixty Years, by Joseph A. Greenwood, J. Gaither
Pratt, J. B. Rhine, Burke M. Smith, and Charles E. Stuart, all of Duke University. These experiments show conclusively--by methods which cannot be rejected by material science--that
man possesses a faculty by which he can gain information from the past to which he has no
access through reason and the physical senses; by which he can gain information that no
other individual possesses; that is beyond the reach of reason and the physical senses through
clairvoyance; and by which he can gain information relative to future events that cannot be
known through reason and the physical senses.
Broadly speaking, psychic phenomena fall into two categories. One category embraces
the phenomena of gaining information not accessible to reason and the physical senses.
Clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, psychometry and clairaudience are examples of this
mental type of phenomena, all of which, whether or not the individual exercising it is
under control or in a trance, is embraced within the term extra sensory perception. The
other category embraces the phenomena in which physical objects are influenced without
the aid of any physical contact with them. Levitation, spirit photographs, trumpet speaking, apports and materializations are instances of the physical type of phenomena which,
whether or not the individual exercising it is under control or in a trance, is embraced in
the term Extra Physical Power--or to use Duke University terminology, is due to the PK
(Psychokinetic) Effect.
Statistical studies at many universities have now conclusively demonstrated that the
human soul can not only perceive that which is at a distance and not observable by physical
sight, but can gain knowledge of both the past and the future. This seems impossible until it
is recognized that consistent with Relativity when velocities exceeding that of light are attained, as they are on the inner plane where the soul of man at all times functions, there is a
different order of time, a different order of distance, and a different order of gravitation.
Voluminous university experiments reinforce the conclusion of the Zenith Foundation report on its radio tests: "Authentic personal experiences indicate that time is not a factor in
telepathic communication. Possession of the ability to visualize in detail events which have
not happened, a phenomenon science calls precognition, seems but slightly less rare than
telepathy itself."
Future events are seen on the inner plane where the order of time which there obtains
makes this possible.
The Zenith Foundation report, which has since been fully confirmed by university experiments and extended by them to include clairvoyance and precognition concludes: "That
distance and space are not factors in telepathic communications seem definitely indicated
by careful analysis of test returns by geographical divisions."
This is made quite natural by the different order of existence in the realms where the
soul functions. According to Relativity, anything moving with 90% the velocity of light shortens to half its length, and at the velocity of light loses all its length. Now as an object cannot
have a minus length–that is, a length which is less than nothing–when its velocities are
greater than the BoundaryLine energies where it loses all its length, this matter of length, or
the accepted order of distance, ceases to have significance.
There are two ways by which information inaccessible to the physical senses and reason
can be obtained, both of which derive from laws which logically follow the principle of
Relativity. These are through astrology and through extra sensory perception. And in addition to the work done by others, the facts of astrology and the facts of extra sensory perception can be proved by each individual for himself.
The other two orders of facts which form fundamental tenets of The Religion of the
Stars are the facts of induced emotion and the facts of directed thinking. Directed thinking
steers the inner plane energy to the work to be accomplished, and induced emotion furnishes the energy which is used. Prayers find their answers and people are healed through
mental treatments by the application of the principles embraced in these two orders of
facts. Physical events are molded and attracted through the power of mind, and the various types of physical psychic phenomena are due to the application of induced emotion
and directed thinking.
In spite of the vast amount of careful experiments with materializations and the investigations of hauntings and other physical phenomena by the greatest scientists of earth, it has
been possible for certain men skilled in legerdemain to cause most of the public to believe
such phenomena have no existence, through offering to produce what appear to be somewhat similar fake phenomena.
But coincident with the experiments conducted at Duke University on extra sensory
perception, other experiments were conducted there in great volume on what is called the
Psychokinetic Effect. The first report on these exhaustive experiments was made in the March,
1943, issue of The Journal of Parapsychology. The experiments conducted were to determine
whether by mental power alone handthrown and mechanicallyreleased dice could be influenced in a predetermined way. The conclusion of the article starts with this sentence: "At the
end of the first PK report, we have to conclude that we know of no better explanation for the
result of the tests in dicethrowing herein described than that of the PK hypothesis; i.e., that
the subject influenced the fall of the dice without the aid of any recognized physical contact
with them."
Each issue of The Journal of Parapsychology since has contained further reports and
statistical analyses on tests of the Psychokinetic Effect, and the March 1944 number of this
journal issued by Duke University Press in the first three paragraphs states:
The issue of the PK hypothesis can be decided within the scope of a single article. We refer to the paper on the quarter distribution (QD) in this issue.
This abrupt departure from the earlier position is due to the fact that a superior order of evidence has been found which was not known at the time of the
first report. In the analysis for the QD there have emerged evidences of Lawfulness in hit patterns throughout so large a portion of the available experimental data that all reasonable doubt of the validity of the PK hypothesis has,
we maintain, disappeared, and all counterhypothesis seem to us manifestly
out of the picture.
These statements are, we recognize, very strong, and they must seem to the
reader who has not yet read the QD report very bold ones; but they are made
with due deliberation and with what we regard as good reason.
Thus it is that not only have the mental types of psychic phenomena been verified by
experiments in our universities, but the ability of the soul, or mind, to influence physical
phenomena has also now been thoroughly verified by exhaustive experiments in universities. Incontrovertible laboratory proof has been set forth that extra physical power
can influence which face of mechanicallyreleased dice shall appear up. This influence is
exerted through a practical application of some of the facts of induced emotion and directed thinking.
Universities have not yet attempted to prove the allpervading presence of Deific Intelligence, but anyone who develops some degree of extra sensory perception can contact this
Intelligence for himself, and get at least some glimpse of the Great Evolutionary Plan. Universities have not yet attempted to demonstrate in the laboratory that the best type of life is
that which contributes most to the welfare of all, which is the first of the five fundamental tenets of The Religion of the Stars; but the individual who develops some recognition of his
soul through extra sensory perception and a spiritual life can learn this for himself, and can
also demonstrate for himself the facts of astrology.
During the first fourteen years of the Pluto Period of the Aquarian Age the universities
did demonstrate in an incontrovertible manner the other three fundamental tenets of The
Religion of the Stars. They demonstrated extra sensory perception, induced emotion and
directed thinking, even though for the explanation of how these operate the individual must
read the Brotherhood of Light lessons.

Pluto's Influence On International Affairs

Pluto rules the invisible world, and as its influence became stronger, the power of this invisible world, and especially of Lower-Pluto entities there residing, became increasingly powerful. But before appraising the influence of Pluto on political affairs we will get a better perspective if we consider the birthchart of the Aquarian Age and the outstanding progressed
aspects which already have formed in it, and the events which have been coincident with
these progressed aspects.
We should expect the Aquarian Age to begin when the Sun enters Aquarius in the year
when the vernal equinox reaches just 30 degrees back of the first of Aries as anciently
determined among the stars. This year we have already indicated is 1881. And in 1881 the
Sun moved into the sign Aquarius on January 19, at 3h: 48m: 24s P.M., LMT. Washington.
The chart illustrated on page 86 and erected for this date and time of day is the chart of the
Aquarian Age as it affects the United States. For other countries the house positions will
be different, and thus the department of life affected by a given progressed aspect will be
different; but the same progressed aspects–except those involving the M.C. and Asc.–
will take place on practically the same date in every country of the world. And as, regardless of house position, the outstanding events which happen are always characteristic of
the planets involved in a progressed aspect at the time, much can be learned of world
trends, as well as of the trends within the U.S., from the progressed aspects which form in
this chart.
The equinox, which is the most important pointer in this chart, moves backward from
Aquarius 29 degrees, 60 minutes, in 1881, at the rate of one degree in 72 years, or 50 seconds
in one year. Other than this, the progressed positions are calculated just as they are in the
birthchart of an individual. Here we will consider only the Major Progressed Aspects. The
Limiting Date–which shows the date during the year when the major progressed positions
are their positions as shown in the ephemeris–is September 5, 1880.
1881–Progressed Venus was semisextile birthchart Jupiter, ruler of the President (tenth),
and in separation (opposition) aspect with birthchart Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected events, ruler of the house of death (eighth). James Abraham Garfield, twentieth
president of the U.S., was shot and killed.
1882–Progressed Mercury, planet of intellectual interests, was sesquisquare aspect with
birthchart Uranus, planet of research and planet of occultism. The Society for Psychical Research was founded.
1886–Progressed Jupiter was inconjunct birthchart Uranus, planet of revolution and
agitation; and progressed Mercury, ruler of the house of antagonism (seventh), was in friction (semisquare) aspect with progressed Venus. There were anarchist riots in Chicago.
1888–Progressed Venus, ruler of the house of diplomatic relations (ninth), was in growth
(semisextile) aspect with birthchart Saturn in the house of our Government (tenth). The first
PanAmerican Congress met at Washington.
1890–Progressed Mars was in trine aspect with birthchart Neptune. Neptune not only
rules corporations, but it rules the watering of stocks and swindles. The Sherman Antitrust
Act was passed by Congress.
1893–Mars, ruler of the house of entertainment (fifth), was in luck (trine) aspect with birthchart Uranus, planet of invention. Edison developed moving picture apparatus. Mars,
ruler of the house of speculation (fifth), was also in obstacle (square) aspect with birthchart
Jupiter, the financial planet, in the house of business (tenth). There was a commercial panic.
1898–Progressed Sun, coruler of the house of war (seventh), was in growth (semisextile)
aspect with progressed Mars, ruler of war. Progressed Mercury, chief ruler of the house of
war (seventh), was in obstacle (square) aspect with birthchart Pluto. As the result of war
between the U.S. and Spain, Cuba was freed and the U.S. acquired Puerto Rico and the
1907–Progressed Sun, ruler of the house of money (second), was square birthchart Pluto,
ruler of the house of speculation (fifth). There was a stock panic which started in New York.
1914–Progressed Mars, planet of war, was in prominence (conjunction) aspect with
birthchart Sun in the house of war (seventh), and progressed Sun was sextile birthchart
Mars. World War I started.
1917–Progressed Sun, coruler of the house of war (seventh), made the friction
(semisquare) aspect with birthchart Saturn in the house of our Government (tenth), and
progressed Mercury made the sextile of birthchart Mercury in the house of war (seventh).
The U.S. entered World War I.
1918–Progressed Mercury, ruler of the house of war and partnership (seventh), was
trine birthchart Pluto, planet of cooperation. World War I ended and a League of Nations
was formed to cooperate in preventing future wars.
1919–Progressed Venus, ruler of the house of diplomatic relations and treaties (ninth),
was in prominence (conjunction) aspect with progressed Saturn in the house of Government
and the President (tenth). Selfcentered Saturn interests persuaded many senators to adopt
an isolationist policy, and the Senate refused to ratify the League of Nations Convenant, thus
ensuring there would be another World War. President Wilson, on a tour through the country to get the people to insist the League of Nations Covenant be ratified, was stricken with
a paralytic stroke which incapacitated him from his usual activities as president.
1929–Progressed Sun, ruler of the house of money (second), was in separation (opposition) aspect with birthchart Moon, ruler of the people (first). A worldwide financial depression started.
This brings us to the Pluto Period which started in 1930. While on its constructive side
Pluto works through cooperation, on its adverse side it operates through the coercive tactics
characteristic of gangsters.
1931–Mars, planet of war, was in expansion (inconjunct) aspect with progressed Uranus, the sudden planet. Japan suddenly invaded Manchuria, converted it into Manchukuo,
and placed that country and its resources under Japanese control.
1933–Progressed Mercury was in separation (opposition) aspect with birthchart Moon,
ruler of the people (first), and progressed Sun, ruler of the house of money (second), was
semisextile progressed Jupiter, coruler of the Government (tenth). As a result of the machinery of production and the raw materials for production becoming concentrated in the hands
of a few families which were interested primarily in profit, more than ten million people
desirous of finding work were out of employment. This so reduced purchasing power that
banks all over America began to fail. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, when he took
office in March, temporarily closed all the banks in the country. The Government then made
arrangements to insure deposits up to $5,000, and to provide sufficient employment for all
that no one need go hungry.
In the meantime, since the Pluto Period started, a peculiarly mediumistic sensitive by the
name of Hitler was feeling the impact of the thoughts from the inner plane of a million
Germans who had died in World War I. He received his instructions from the invisible world,
later having an underground retreat built in the heart of a mountain where he could go and
thus commune with those directing his activities. In 1933, under the progressed aspects indicated, he became dictator of Germany. Saturn in the tenth house dominated his own chart,
80 Astrological Lore of All Ages
and revenge filled his heart. He taught hate and ruthlessness, spread lies which resulted in
the persecution of all who opposed his plans, and was determined, come what might, to
fulfill the dreams of world domination held by the warlords of 1914, many of whom, from
the other side of life, were now crowding him to action.
1934–Progressed Mercury was still opposition birthchart Moon (the people), and progressed Mars now came to the growth (semisextile) aspect with birthchart Venus. As the
Western powers, engrossed in their own affairs, had been unwilling to bring heavy sanctions against Japan for acquiring Manchuria through military conquest, Japan now overran
and annexed a slice of northern China.
1935–Sun was sextile birthchart Pluto, the gangster planet. During the last of February
and the first of March that year, Mars in the sky was moving very slowly, as it was turning
retrograde. It was within close orb of opposition to Uranus at this time, and made the perfect
square of Pluto. On March 1, suddenly Hitler took over the Saar.
As early as 1922, Benito Mussolini, who had the Sun in Leo and Pluto in the house of war
(seventh) in his chart, had established a dictatorship in Italy. With the arrival of the Pluto
Period his urge increased to use gangster tactics to expand his fascist empire. As no world
organization capable of policing the world had been set up after World War I, the Western
powers failed to challenge Japan's expansion through military aggression. Therefore, the
Pluto influence increased in power, and Mussolini decided he could acquire new territory in
the same manner. As a consequence, in October 1935, after the progressed Sun was well
within orb of its sextile with Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart, his troops invaded and conquered Ethiopia. Some economic sanctions were brought against Mussolini by the Western
powers, but none of them were willing to go to war with Italy over Ethiopia, as each realized
such a move probably would start another world war.
1936–Progressed Sun was sextile birthchart Pluto. As a result of Mussolini's success in
using gangster tactics against a weaker nation, dictatorships gained tremendously in power
and prestige.
1937–Sun was sextile progressed Pluto; and progressed Venus, ruling the Ascendant
(people) in the chart of Japan, was trine progressed Uranus. The Japanese, having assimilated much of northern China, moved their military might to subjugate and take over the
whole of China. They met unexpectedly stubborn resistance from the Chinese, and a war
started that was to continue and later become an important part of World War II.
1938–Progressed Mars came barely within orb of the expansion (inconjunct) aspect with
the Moon, and progressed Mercury made the prominence (conjunction) aspect with birthchart
Venus in the house of diplomatic relations (ninth). Stalin, convinced the Nazis of Germany
had infiltrated his armed forces and placed his military leaders under their pay so that Germany might conquer Russia, in March conducted a blood purge in which many of these
alleged military traitors were executed. About the same time, responding to the racketeer
planet Pluto in fine shape, and at a time when Mars was conjunction Uranus in the sky
(perfect on March 28), Hitler with his German Nazi troops was ready to make another grab.
It was on March 12, 1938 that he invaded Austria.
July 22, 1938, Mars reached the conjunction of Pluto in the sky. Coincident with this
Mussolini began to make demands for French territory in the Mediterranean region, and
Hitler's Nazis began to stir up trouble in Czechoslovakia. This difficulty resulted in the Munich
Pact in September, in which the U.S. was vitally interested. This pact, which was an attempt
to appease the dictators, in turn permitted Hitler on October 11, 1938, to grab from Czechoslovakia the Sudetenland.
1939–Progressed Mars was now inconjunct birthchart Moon, and progressed Mercury,
chief ruler of the house of war (seventh), was opposition birthchart Uranus. Near the commencement of the astronomical year--the new Sun Cycle which started on March 21, 1939--
powerful aspects in various cycle charts were made to Mars, Pluto and Uranus. On March
15, under these astrological influences, Hitler invaded and subjugated Bohemia, Moravia 
and Slovakia, accomplishing the conquest of Czechoslovakia. On March 28, under the same
astrological influences, dictator Franco terminated the Spanish civil war, thus increasing the
power of the totalitarian states. On April 1, the Japanese grabbed the French Spratly Islands,
only four hours distant from either the Philippines or Singapore. And on April 6, Mussolini
invaded and conquered Albania.
It was plain to all that the dictators were started on the road to domination of the whole
world. Therefore, when at the beginning of September, Germany commenced the invasion
of Poland, both Britain and France gave her an ultimatum to cease. This ultimatum expired
on September 3, on which date England and France officially entered what became World
War II.
1940–Mars was semisquare birthchart Mars, progressed Mercury was opposition
birthchart Uranus, and progressed Venus was trine birthchart Uranus, planet of the unusual. France and the Low Countries were overrun in May and conquered by Germany.
September 27 there was formed the BerlinRomeTokyo Axis, an agreement in which, except
for Russia, any country at war with Germany, Italy or Japan automatically was also at war
with the other two Axis nations. The United States traded obsolete destroyers to Britain for
naval bases, a selective service act was passed to acquire soldiers, and Franklin Delano
Roosevelt shattered a precedent by being elected for a third term as president.
1941–Progressed Venus, ruling the house of treaties (ninth), was conjunction progressed
Neptune, ruler of Japan. Progressed Venus was trine birthchart Uranus. Progressed Mercury was opposition birthchart Uranus, trine progressed Venus, and trine progressed Neptune, planet of idealism. On June 22 Germany suddenly and unexpectedly (Uranus) invaded
and made war on Russia. To assist the nations resisting aggression from the totalitarian
powers, the U.S. instituted a LendLease program by which these nations could acquire supplies for the conduct of the war.
Late in 1940 The Church of Light published its brochure on the NinePoint Plan for The
New Civilization, and on January 5, 1941, started regular Crusade Talks each month advocating this NinePoint Plan. These monthly talks spread to many cities throughout the United
States and continue. At this writing such meetings are held regularly in approximately 50
different cities. Four of these nine points then, and now, advocated were that all the people
of the world should have Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, Freedom of Expression,
and Freedom of Worship.
In August 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the U.S., and Winston Churchill,
Prime Minister of England, met in the Atlantic Ocean and agreed on certain principles which
were to govern the postwar world. This agreement, which at the time was not placed in
writing, and which embraced practically the same four freedoms The Church of Light had
been advocating for a year in its NinePoint Plan, was called the Atlantic Charter. The principles of the Atlantic Charter were agreed to in writing by 26 of the United Nations in January, 1942.
On December 7, 1941, Japan made a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, sinking many U.S.
naval vessels in the Hawaiian harbor, thus badly crippling the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and commencing war on the United States. Immediately both its Axis partners, Germany and Italy,
also declared war on the U.S.
1942–Progressed Mercury was opposition birthchart Uranus and sextile progressed
Neptune. Through military conquests, Japan rapidly expanded her empire to vast proportions, conquering the Philippines, taking Singapore, Burma, the Dutch East Indies, New
Guinea, and being stopped just short of invading Australia.
1944–Progressed Sun, coruler of the house of war (seventh), was square birthchart Mars,
and progressed Mars was sextile birthchart Saturn in the house of Government (tenth). U.S.
forces successfully invaded Africa early in 1943 and Italy later in the year, and successfully
invaded France in 1944. Russian troops rolled the Nazis back on the eastern front, while
British and American forces hit them from the west. One after another the countries that had
82 Astrological Lore of All Ages
been invaded by the Nazis were liberated. The Japanese also were made to yield much of
their conquered territory, and cities in Japan were bombed. U.S. forces successfully landed
in the Philippines.
1945–Mercury at 12° Pisces 51', and thus in opposition with birthchart Uranus, sextile
progressed Neptune, and semisextile birthchart Jupiter, will turn direct in motion. Progressed
Uranus will be sesquisquare birthchart Mercury; and progressed Jupiter will be in agitation
(sesquisquare) aspect with progressed Uranus, sextile birthchart Pluto, and square birthchart
Mercury. All seven of these aspects will last for a number of years.
These are the dominant progressed aspects until 1949, when progressed Mars comes to
the square of birthchart Pluto, moving on to the square of progressed Pluto and the sextile of
progressed Jupiter in 1950. In 1949 progressed Venus comes within orb of trine birthchart
Moon, making the perfect aspect in 1950. The last of 1950 also shows Mercury moving more
than one degree past the perfect opposition of birthchart Uranus. After 1950 the progressed
aspects in the chart for the Aquarian Age are not so significant for some years.
The significance of the progressed aspects following 1944 in this chart can only be recognized in connection with the Neptune Cycle which commenced March 7, 1944, 10:57 a.m.
LMT, Washington, D.C. A planet's cycle starts when it crosses the celestial equator from
south to north declination. Those things which the planet rules are strongly accentuated in
the minds and actions of men near the commencement of its cycle. Neptune rules both involuntary servitude and the ideals which free man from bondage. Before the present one, the
last Neptune cycles were in 1863. They brought a surge of Neptune idealism which resulted
in the emancipation of the Negroes in America. The present Neptune cycle, which will last
well into the twentyfirst century, marks a surge of Neptune idealism demanding the emancipation of all the people of the world.
It demands that there shall be equal economic opportunities, equal political opportunities, equal educational opportunities, and equal opportunities to use recreational, health
and other public services for all the people on the globe. It demands that there shall be
Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Worship
in every country of the world. These opportunities and these freedoms are on the way. They
are mankind's natural heritage from the Aquarian Age. They are sure to arrive. The only
question is, how soon?
It is certain they will not arrive without a struggle. And that is the significance of progressed Mercury opposition Uranus and sextile Neptune in the Aquarian Age chart exerting
its influence from 1945 to 1950. And it is the significance also of progressed Mars square
Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart in 1949 and 1950. These heavy aspects to all three upper
octave planets show that a mighty effort will be made to free the world from the economic,
political and intellectual tyranny which was characteristic of the Age of Pisces. And they
show also that selfish interests will put up a tremendous fight to prevent the realization of
these ideals.
It is not to be expected that these freedoms and opportunities will be realized by 1950.
All that can be hoped for is that by that time political and diplomatic machinery will be set
up which will ensure fairly rapid progress toward them. And if political and diplomatic
machinery are not set up which will convince people that these freedoms and opportunities
are on the way, World War III is inevitable.
However long it takes, and no matter how many disastrous world wars it takes, the
people of the world will not be denied these opportunities and these freedoms long after the
equinox has become fully polarized in the Aquarian Age. Furthermore, although more time
will be required to reach so many people with their benefits, the people of the Aquarian Age
are going to acquire and utilize the facts of astrology, the facts of extra sensory perception,
the facts of induced emotion and the facts of directed thinking.
For many years we have had the opportunity to watch those with a thorough knowledge
of astrology who have applied directed thinking and induced emotion based on that knowledge. We have watched the development of children who have been trained in a manner
specifically designed to develop into abilities the natural aptitudes shown in their charts of
birth, and we have observed the events which came into the lives of adults who employed
the indicated precautionary actions for the progressed aspects which were operative in their
charts. The result of these observations is the conviction that through standard astrology
and the application of induced emotion and directed thinking the effectiveness and the happiness of human life can be doubled.
In the word effectiveness, I include material success, intellectual development and spiritual progress. And the world will not move far into the Aquarian Age before most people,
through applying induced emotion and directed thinking as advised by astrological knowledge, will greatly increase their effectiveness.
They also will be taught more and more about the principles on which the universe is run.
They will understand, not merely that they have a soul, but of what it consists, how it arrived
at its present state of development, and about the opportunities for its progress in the realms of
the future. And when they thus grasp the trend of the Cosmic Plan they will perceive how
shortsighted it is for individuals and nations greedily to promote what they think are their
own interests at the expense of less fortunate individuals or less powerful nations.
No longer will people be blinded either by the narrow doctrines of academic materialists
or by the doctrines of intolerant orthodox religion. So long as man believes death ends all, a
great wall shuts off his vision, and he can perceive nothing but matter. And so long as he
believes in an afterdeath life where the individual lives without progress in heaven or blisters without hope in hell, his mind is so completely focused on this hallucination that nothing else can be perceived.
But soon the energies of the Aquarian Age will free man's mind from such slavery, and he
will either use his own extra sensory perception to investigate Nature, or will accept the findings of others who have used extra sensory perception to investigate other realms of life. His
conception of Nature will broaden, and he will understand that there are inner planes of existence where intelligences dwell, and that there he will dwell after physical dissolution. And he
will perceive that on these inner planes he will have opportunity for development and progress,
and that he is being educated now, and will be educated on the inner planes in the future, to
perform a significant function in the universal scheme. That will bring him to the conviction
that as all people in the world also are undergoing their education to fill a niche in the cosmic
scheme of the future, they should have as many opportunities in human life as possible. He
will believe that all people should have the four freedoms because, among other things, this
will facilitate their education; and the welfare of the whole depends upon their education.
The Aquarian Age, at not too distant a date, will thus awaken people to a true general
conception of how the universe is managed, and they will perceive that the world also should
be run, not upon the principle of cutthroat competition and war, but upon the principle of
specialization of parts, division of labor and complete cooperation between the parts. Between the time this section on Pluto's Influence on International Affairs is being written
(1944) and the end of 1950 there will be opportunity for the world to set up the political and
diplomatic machinery through which mankind will move rapidly toward the ideals here set
forth. But one characteristic of the influence of Pluto when afflicted is that as soon as one
group is formed to carry out some worthwhile purpose, another group springs up drastically to oppose and try to block the effort of the worthy group. Therefore, during the years of
adjustment, especially until the end of 1950, we may expect those with whose special privileges widespread knowledge and the four freedoms would interfere to make a bitter stand
against their realization.
The leaders of intolerant religious groups realize that to maintain their special privilege
their followers must keep convinced that they alone should be permitted to interpret the
will of Deity. Their followers must look up to them as superior to ordinary human beings.
And not only do the leaders of these intolerant religious groups try to suppress the teachings of astrology and extra sensory perception, which would reveal their pretenses to be
without foundation, but they struggle for a political power that will enable them eventually
to suppress all religions but their own.
In addition to intolerant religious authorities there are also equally intolerant academic
individuals. These atheistic materialists stand before the world as the final authority. Their
special privilege is not that of wealth, but that of prestige. Whatever they say is true must not
be disputed. If they say there is no inner plane, no one must produce proof that life survives
after physical dissolution on such a plane. If they say the planets cannot influence people, no
one must be permitted to present statistical studies proving they actually do influence human life. And these atheistic materialists will stop at nothing to discredit any who produce
proof they are wrong. For to show them in error is to destroy their special privilege.
Even without the new energies which soon will be available for human use, which are
discussed in Chapter 10, right now with proper division of labor every person in the world
could occupy his energies in producing something that either sustains life or makes life
richer. Hit or miss methods, to be sure, may make an unusable surplus of some products;
but for what was man given brains if not to ensure he would use his energies not in producing vast quantities of one thing at the expense of producing other things of which he
has greater need?
Raw materials are available, machinery is available, and the manpower and skill are
available at this moment--as production for World War II has amply demonstrated--to enable every person in the world to be free from want. And a correct appraisal of God's Great
Plan shows that all the people of the world should thus have freedom from want. But the
steps necessary to obtain such a desirable condition would deprive some of the means of
profiteering, and others of their practice of exploiting backward peoples. Therefore those
who thus would be deprived of their special privileges resort to many cunning devices,
including the spreading of lies, to prevent people from learning the facts which would lead
to such economic freedom.
The Aquarian Age certainly will bring man the four freedoms, and it certainly will bring
him knowledge of the facts of astrology, knowledge of the facts of extra sensory perception,
knowledge of the facts of induced emotion, and knowledge of the facts of directed thinking.
In due time it will usher in The New Civilization. But between now and the end of 1950
special privilege will do all in its power to discredit and suppress astrology and extra sensory perception, and all in its power to thwart the realization of the four freedoms. But in
spite of that opposition, at least some progress will be made, with the probabilities favorable
that a foundation will be laid for future progress.
But should special privilege succeed, by any foul chance, in thwarting the move toward
The New Civilization at that time, there will be another and more destructive world war. For
whatever it takes in suffering to educate mankind to it, the Aquarian Age will eliminate
special privilege and devise a world organization built on the plan of division of labor, specialization of parts and the efficient cooperation of those parts.
The advance toward this New Civilization will be taken one step at a time. And even the
first step may take years of struggle. Let no one think that at the end of World War II world
struggle shortly will cease. But we can hope that by the end of 1950 the first step will have
been completed. That first step, which true religion will do all in its power to foster, and
special privilege will do all in its power to hinder, is the realization, not merely in America,
but by all the peoples of the globe, of the statement made in The Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal (with equal right to have the opportunity to develop
the natural potentialities indicated in their planetary chart of birth), and that all men have a
right to be free. 

C.C. Zain - "Astrological Lore of All Ages"