Astrological consultations are provided by e-mail in Microsoft Word file format. Astrological chart reading in writing form is more convenient and complete than audio chart reading. Usually, a written horoscope takes more time to prepare. The calculation of the horoscope takes place using a special hermetic astrological program that includes a unique calculation tool – Astrodynes, which will accurately determine the amount of strength, harmony and disharmony of each planet, sign, house and aspect in your birth chart.

Each horoscope (except electional) includes a complete analysis of all major areas of life. If you have any questions or you are especially interested in some particular area of ​​life, you can indicate this in the horoscope order form in the column – additional information, wishes. After ordering a horoscope and receiving a reply from me, you can make a payment with your preferred method. Also, after receiving the horoscope, you will have the opportunity to ask any interested questions.

Natal chart analysis

Natal chart analysisThe natal chart analysis includes a description of what you are likely to experience in each of the 12 major areas of life. Including a detailed description of your character and temperament, abilities, your vocation, financial opportunities, the luckiest type of business and work for you, health and vitality, dietary and nutritional needs, marriage and love life, travel, friends and enemies, hopes, children and others. With the help of the hermetic calculation system – Astrodyne, your planetary luck factors will be accurately determined: your lucky numbers, lucky colors (surrounding yourself with which luck will be attracted) and your talisman stones to attract good luck in various areas of life.

You will also be told how best to emphasize the subconscious thoughts, feelings and attitudes that are harmonious for you and attract good luck and how best to change the subconscious thoughts, feelings and attitudes that attract bad luck and create obstacles for you to get what you want from life. s into your life related to those specific areas of life.

Cost of natal chart analysis - £70

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Chart comparison

Chart comparisonThe chart comparison includes combining your birth chart with the birth chart of another person, a detailed analysis of your compatibility, a description of how you will influence each other in various areas of life, how stable and lasting your relationship will be, recommendations on how to handle with the existing disharmony between the birth charts.

When we find that our horoscopes don`t harmonize with someone else, instead of creating disharmony within ourselves and towards another person, we should either not be near that person, or by close contact try to make the situation better. It is better, if possible, to be in the company of those with whom harmony prevails. As a result, we are happy and display each other’s good traits rather than the bad ones.

Cost of chart comparison - £80

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Future horoscope

Future horoscopeThe future horoscope for the year using the secondary progression method is based on the formula “one day per year”. Thus, in this predictive technique, the movement of the planets in a day represents the movement of the progressive planets in a year. For example, the progression chart of someone at 30 will be represented by planetary positions 30 days after birth. The periods in a person’s life when he is likely to experience a certain event, circumstance, or disease to which he has a propensity are indicated by a certain major progressive aspect.

A progressive forecast for the year includes a description of the main trends and changes that you may encounter in the coming year in various areas of life. The periods of time during the year when changes are most likely to occur will be indicated. You will be advised of the difficulties and opportunities you may encounter, how to deal with them and use them to your advantage.

Cost of future horoscope - £70

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Electional horoscope

Electional horoscopeThe electional horoscope includes choosing the best date and time of the day for starting a business, getting married, moving to another place of residence, starting any important business, including buying a property, having surgery, conceiving a child, getting a job, etc. For almost every intention there is the best time under the heavens and for its success, the future date is chosen when the planets in the sky are most auspiciously located for the beginning of a certain enterprise.

From the point of view of astrology, the beginning of the project, when he begins to acquire an independent physical form, is his birth. The launch of a ship indicates its life, the signing of a contract indicates what will happen underneath it, the acceptance of a company’s memorandum of association indicates its good fortune, and the laying of a building’s foundation determines its fate. Thus from a chart calculated for the time and place of the beginning of any undertaking the vicissitudes and duration of its life can be ascertained and from the progressive aspects that form in such a chart the time and nature of the events to be drawn to it can be determined.

Cost of electional horoscope - £40

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