C.C.Zain - Hermetic science

C.C.Zain (1882-1951)

In this section, you can read various articles and lessons from 21 courses of Hermetic science by C.C. Zain and others.

C.C. Zain (pen name of Elbert Benjamin) was a  natural psychic and mastered every physical science of his time. He had access to a huge amount of material from both the inner (astral) plane and the outer (physical) plane. As a young man, he was approached by the Brotherhood of Light of the inner plane to write a system of hermetic knowledge that would prepare mankind for life in the Age of Aquarius. After some deliberation, he agreed and devoted the rest of his life to writing the 21st course of the Brotherhood of Light. His whole life and abilities were directed toward this mission.

The scope of his work is so vast that the impact of his influence is perhaps little understood at present. However, as the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius develops, its genius will become more understandable.

In total, C.C.Zain wrote 21 courses in hermetic sciences for 30 years (including 210 lessons):

Magic: Laws of Occultism, Ancient Masonry, Esoteric Psychology, Sacred Tarot, Divination and Character Reading, Imponderable Forces, Next life.

Astrology: Astrological Signatures, Spiritual Astrology, Horary Astrology, Natal Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Weather Predicting, Stellar Healing.

A‎lchemy: Spiritual Alchemy, Mental Alchemy, Natural Alchemy, Occultism Applied, Cosmic Alchemy, Organic Alchemy, Personal Alchemy.

• Occult Data                                                       A Prophecy for the Aquarian Age                      

• Astral Substance                                              • Finding One’s Cosmic Work

• The Mission of the Soul                                   • Physiology and Correspondence

• Facts and Fancies About Reincarnation