Hello, my name is Denis, I’m a professional hermetic astrologer. From a young age, I was interested in everything occult and mystical. At the age of 15, I read a book of Thomas H. Burgoyne – “The Light of Egypt”, from which I learned how strongly the character and destiny of a person depend on the stars since then I began to study astrology. Later, I got acquainted with the works of the outstanding astrologer of the last century C.C. Zain author of 21 courses in hermetic sciences (astrology, alchemy, magic) in which he gave not only a holistic and clear picture of our very complex world but also showed how these ancient occult sciences can be applied practically to achieve success in earthly life and progress in spiritual life. Through the work of the astrological research department he founded, astrology has evolved from a superstitious belief system to an evidence-based science.

I studied hermetic astrology at the Church of Light (USA) and am a certified Hermetician. I have been working as a professional astrologer since 2014. I think the main thing in the profession of an astrologer, as in any other, is talent. Ability for astrology is mainly shown by the planet Uranus, which is the Dominant planet in my birth chart. With the help of hermetic astrology, one can determine the innate abilities of any person and the environment in which he can use them most successfully.