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Hermetic AstrologyHermetic astrology has come down to us through secret societies from ancient Egypt. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been scientifically modernized by a group of American astrologers working together under the leadership of the Brotherhood of Light and the famous astrologer C.C. Zain. Over the course of 30 years (from 1924 to 1954), they examined thousands of charts to assess character traits and observed the resulting events and conditions in people’s lives. The results of this study form the basis of this astrological system.

Precision is the hallmark of the Hermetic system of astrology. In his consultation, the Hermetic astrologer uses a unique system of calculations called the Astrodynes to accurately determine the amount of strength, harmony and disharmony of each planet, sign, house and aspect in a birth chart. This makes Hermetic astrology the most precise astrology system.

The Hermetic system of astrology covers the study of the non-physical energies of the fourth dimension that radiate from the planets and how these energies affect the corresponding energy centers of the unconscious mind (mind and emotions) of a person. This knowledge is invaluable for guiding how to transform the thoughts and feelings that cause bad luck to be brought into life and also for guiding how to take greater advantage of those thoughts and feelings that bring good luck and pleasure to life. 

The Hermetic astrologer provides you with actual methods to effect positive change in real life and help you to “rule your stars”. One of the most enjoyable and effective methods is the application of Alchemical Antidotes, which are strategic energetic influences that can counter the negative influences that have been preventing you from achieving your highest potential.

Birth chart

NatalA birth chart is a chart of the unconscious mind or astral body of a person after birth. The unconscious mind stores in its organization all the experiences and conditions of consciousness that the soul had before the time of its human birth. The astral form is the form built by mental and emotional states, and the birth chart which is a chart of these mental and emotional states conveys to the astrologer precise information regarding these mental factors, their relationship to one another and how they affect the faculties, character and thereby destiny.

In the process of descent from the heavenly world, which ends with the incarnation in the mineral, and in the process of ascent through the innumerable lower forms of physical life, the soul acquires a wide variety of experiences. Consciousness and emotions that accompany the process of acquiring experience build thought elements into a high-speed astral (“stellar”) body. Experience of a different kind allows these thought elements to organize themselves into astral cells, and those, in turn, into dynamic astral structures.

Thoughts, in the sense that I give to the word, are inherent in all forms of consciousness and include sensations perceived even by the lowest forms of life. All life forms respond to their environment with a kind of awareness that builds the mental elements into their more subtle forms. And the birth chart (even the birth chart of a primitive creature) is a character chart, that is, a chart of thought structures of subtler forms in the form in which they were constructed at the time of physical birth.

Living physical matter in its natural state is protoplasm, which consists of a combination of chemical elements. And the body of the inner plane, the astral or stellar body of every living being, consists of a psychoplasm formed by various combinations of thought elements.

The physical body is built from protoplasm cells and their secretions; the astral body, in which the soul, or character, or unconscious mind (which is one and the same), dwells, is built from thought-cells, which are otherwise called astral or stellar cells. Not all astral cells are the same, for they consist of thought elements of the most varied types and in the most varied proportions. Astral cells are combined into astral structures, just as physical cells are organized into bone, muscle, nerve, and other structures of the physical body.

Since not only faculties but every event in life, is attracted by those organizations of thought that make up a character, the birth chart gives a clear picture of life unless special measures are taken to change character. In other words, since everything that happens to us is determined by our character, fate can only be changed by changing character. Moreover, if fate is a consequence of character, and character can be changed as a result of conscious purposeful efforts, then the life reflected in the birth chart can be significantly changed in any desired direction because the birth chart only shows the character with which a person was born.

Even the most orthodox psychology now holds the view that man has a subconscious or unconscious mind. This unconscious mind, existing and functioning on the inner plane, includes thoughts, emotions and other states of consciousness that the individual has experienced in the past. These thoughts, energized by emotions, are organized in the unconscious mind according to the Law of Association. And, as modern psychology and psychoanalysis show, they constantly have a huge impact on conscious thoughts, emotions and behavior.

The aspirations of the thought cells and groups of thought-cells of the unconscious mind not only essentially determine the thoughts, emotions and actions of the individual. In addition, they use psychokinetic power to shape the physical environment of a person in order to bring into his life the conditions and events they desire. The events and conditions desired by some of these groups of thought cells are favorable for the individual, but, unfortunately, other groups of thought cells seek conditions and events that are detrimental to him.

Until the individual becomes aware of the desires of the various groups of thought-cells in his unconscious mind, his ability to control his own destiny remains woefully limited. Even with outstanding intelligence and superior reasoning ability, the desires of individual groups of thought-cells in the unconscious mind of an individual using psychokinetic power can, and often do, bring unhappiness into his life. Some of the groups of thought-cells in the unconscious mind of a man may be organized so that they act favorably and bring him extraordinary fortune in matters of work, business and fame, while other groups may be organized so that they act injuriously and bring him bad health, unhappiness in marriage and constant complications in relationships with friends.